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Find God near You : ~ 2000 Hindu Temples in more than 50 countries.

Our Goal is to help you find all the info on Hindu Temples in your area no matter where you are in the world.  You can Help by Adding more Temples.

This page is my hobby time project because my wife got sick of me complaining about Temple websites not having the most basic contact information correct and easily available on their websites.   This is my attempt to solve part of that problem.  This directory is pre-populated with all the Hindu Temple information that we could find online.  Only countries outside India at this stage.

We currently have around 2000 Temples in over 50 Countries worldwide, more being added all the time.

We also have an iOS App and and Android App you can get more info on www.HinduTemplesApp.com

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YOU can support us in creating a Hindu Temples Android App and giving it away for free.

 Prefer a more passive approach to keep in touch ? Leave me your email address here and I will come back to you with an update every now and then, no more than 3 a year.

We are always looking for volunteers who’d be willing to be editors on this site who can verify the updates to listings in the comments submitted by others and approve / deny them and update the listings accordingly.


  1. I have a data base for No America and UK if interested

  2. Hi , I added our temple but there is no listing for trinidad and tobago so I put it under Guyana, how can we fix this?
    And this is a great thing you are doing

    1. Charmaine Singh Maharaj ji,
      Namaste, THanks for using the site, I will add another city for Trinidad and Tobago so you can use it for the temples there.

      Please feel free to share it with your friends and family in T&T so it can help more people there,

  3. I wish to contact over mail. How can I get email id of Allhindutemples.com?

  4. It would be helpful to me if I can get the email id through SMS to my mobile no.which was registered with Allhindutemples.com. My contact is urgently required. Please help.

  5. Namaskaram Hari, I read your article in the Hinduism Today Magazine and would like to volunteer as an editor to validate and update the listings on your website. I also have some additional Ideas that would improve the listings with options to search the temples based on Hindu denomination, etc. Please let me know how I can become a volunteer and how I can communicate with you directly about my other ideas.

    Nandi Vinayaka

  6. Hi,

    We in https://templeszone.com have compiled many photos of Hindu and Buddhist temples around the world and every year our databse increases exponentially, we can provide the photos of the temples in your database.

    Roy Singh

    1. Thanks for the kind offer Roy,
      We are also a not for profit hobby project, kudos to the work you are doing, some great temples featured there.

      Currently we are not making as many updates to this site due to lack of resources and time, I will keep your offer in mind though and keep up the good work.

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