Support the Hindu Temples Directory

Support the Hindu Temples Directory

Dear Visitor,

This directory has been my sole effort so far to help the Hindus all over the world. I have spent many thousands of dollars on creating this directory website and database of temples and keeping it up-to date.  I hope you found this useful.

My only intention in doing this is to help Hindus all over the world find Hindu Temples anywhere near them, You can help in this effort and your one time help will help Hindus forever.  I am hiring research assistants in India to update the directory.  This is research assistants who would maintain the directory and keep it up to date, update the address location and other details.

The Hindu Temples Directory needs your help

At a time when we are Hinduism is on the decline in pure numbers, it is all the more crucial that we support our temples and religious institutions, my effort in cataloguing and promoting Hindu Temples all over the world is a small effort in this direction.

Free Hindu Temples App for Android

Our purpose in creating the directory is to help everyone find temples, so does not help our motive if we put a paywall between us and devotees. The Hindu Temples Android app will be 100 % free right from the start.

Updates to the Temples Directory

Based on my calculations We need ~ 800 Dollars for the Update of directory such that most temples have photos and other basic details so visitors would find it useful. Currently we have ~ 2000 Temples in the directory and I am planning to add another 2000 Hindu Temples to the directory soon.  This also means greater server costs and computing power and in general the other technical costs of keeping this website up.

If you can help in any way possible we welcome your contributions,  These are the general ongoing costs of keeping up and updating this site (Including data collection and  maintaining the site)


2000$ 800.00£ 500.00Au$ 900.00₹ 52,000.00
Average Per Temple cost$ 0.40£ 0.25Au$ 0.45₹ 26


You can support us through Paypal as that’s the most convenient option in general,  You do not need a Paypal account in order to do this, You can do a guest checkout.  The Paypal account that you’d be paying funds to would be haribombay at gmail dot com   (this is to keep transaction costs low and keep one account where I pay the developers and research assistants out of)

Many thanks in advance for all your support.

Our Future Plans

Based on the support we receive, these are our future plans for development of this Hindu Temples Directory

More overseas temples to be added.

We currently have ~ 1600 Temples, by my fairly accurate guesstimates we are missing another 4000 relatively large temples outside India.

Adding Major Temples In India

I am planning to add all the major Temples in India so tourists visiting new areas or international visitors to the Hindu temples have all the information they might need at one place.

Virtual Private Server

We currently have data for close to 2000 more temples that I haven’t added because it will slow down the server for everyone, to mitigate this we will need a Virtual private server to effectively serve pages in a reasonable time frame.


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