Shree Raam Mandir, Wijchen

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  • Shree Raam Mandir, Wijchen 



    The culture forms the basis on which we determine our place in the world and develop our identity. Culture consists of numerous manners, habits, art expressions, expressions and rituals related to birth, death, love, relationships, nutrition, fulfilling personal obligations, celebrating holidays, expressing religious feelings …. The Hindu culture is different from the Dutch in virtually all aspects just mentioned. The Hindu generally experiences its culture as a rich culture. The experience of one’s own culture is important for personal well-being. For proper integration and “adaptation” is essential to feel to keep with their own roots, the good of their own cultural background and monitor. Connectedness In Hindu community needs its own cultural center, lives a meeting place for young people, older people and families. Also among the medel otherwise, there is a growing interest in the Indian culture. Although the center is primarily intended for the Hindu community must ultimately be a multicultural center. The educational programs and all major activities will be open to participants from both cultures. , the Hindu Cultural Center, a multicultural and multi-purpose center for: I. F kilning and “religious” meetings , the need for a private space mandir has been extensively discussed. Hindus have also 36th annual heyday. These range from local to national and international holidays such as Holi, Diwali etc. II. H indi courses Hindi is the common language of the Hindus in the Netherlands. In India it is the mother tongue of more than 500 million people; 800 million people worldwide can communis them in Hindi. As mother of the Indo-European languages ​​thus has a close affinity with Hindi Western languages, Dutch, English and German. The perception of the Hindu culture is virtually impossible without this language.Once we have our own building can be started with Hindi courses at three levels:. Beginners, intermediate and advanced . III I ndiase classical dance The Hindu culture is very rich in diversity. A good example is the Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam). Part of an educational program especially dance classes for youth and adults in India by graduate teachers / teachers are taken care of. IV. H indoestaanse music and singing Music and song play a major role in the Hindu culture. In addition to the modern music also optimal attention will be devoted to the classical music and singing. This course will be provided by expert teachers. Least once a week V. Y ogalessen Yoga is essential for physical and mental well-being as a source of harmony and good balance. Meditation is good to catch our breath, to rise above the daily grind and the quality of our thinking and feeling improve. VI. O pvang and guidance of Hindu elderly VII. O pvang youth VIII. O ntmoetingsplaats of Hindus and natives . we will organize regular meetings where immigrants and natives can discuss everything that is both urgent and important to each other. “Unknown, unloved.” The better we each morals, customs and traditions, the better will be the harmony between the two cultures shape can get.IX. S anskrit courses The Hindu culture is defined in Sanskrit, the mother of all Indo-European languages. All the classic literary works of Indian culture are written in Sanskrit. Without Sanskrit we can not penetrate to the essence of the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Ramayan, philosophical works (Dharsan Shastra) and Hindu soul. Sanskrit Education belongs to a center as one of its objectives is to promote. Indian culture X. L iteratuur education The Hindu literature is equivalent to what literature whatsoever. terms of quality and quantity The courses aim at a meeting with writers and poets of universal format like Tulsidas, Kabir Das, Das Soer, Valmiki, Vyaas, Premchand, Dinkar, Maithlisharan Gupta …


    Eating When Hindus get visitors, they always cook for their guests. Incidentally, not only in the Indian but in each culture is a binding together food social factor. A service takes up a large part of the day to complete. Visitors sometimes come from far making it-and in accordance with the tradition- that after a celebration or meeting, there is opportunity to eat before resuming. Trip home enjoyable After Mandir Service there is always a meal, strictly vegetarian and alcohol free. capacity the kitchen is sufficient for being able to provide meals for large gatherings.

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