Shri Jagadambe Mandir, Griend

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  • Shri Jagadambe Mandir, Griend

    India has been the land of saints, fakir’s and Mahatmas from the ancient time. The ruins of temples of Mahabharta time are found in the whole country. Some of these are present in haryana also. In haryana there is a town named ‘Beri’. In Beri a huge fair is held at the occasion of Navratra’s twice in a year. In the famous temple of Bhimeshwari Devi lakhs of devotees from all over the country come and worship the goddess

    In the market, hundreds of shops are decorated at the occasion of the fair. In these fairs newly married couples come to tie the nuptial knot again before the goddess .The mundan ceremony of small children is also performed here. After reaching the temple and waiting for a long lakhs of Devotes light the ‘Jyot’ of desi ghee and offer coconut and parsad to the goddess.

    Here, after the government has taken the charge of the temple, continuous efforts have been made to beautify the temple. With devotion and faith, the devotees arrive here, It seems that Beri is not less important than any other religious places devoted to goddess Devi’s chanting. In the Beri the enhancing of goddess’s name echoes all the time.
    According to the well-known story, it is named, Bhimeshwari due to the installation of the idol of the goddess by Bhima.

    According to the saying before the beginning of the battle of the Mahabharta period Shri Krishna told mahabali Bhima to bring his kuldevi to the battlefield of the Kurukshetra and take the blessing from her.

    According to the order of Shri Krishna and his brother ‘Yudhistar’ , Bhima approached the Hinglay mountain ( Which is now in Pakistan ) and prayed the kuldevi to move to the battle field for victory.

    The goddess accepted the request of Bhima but laid down a condition, she said that she was ready to go with him but if he dropped me down on the way from the lap then she would not proceed further.

    In the way Bhima felt the desire to go to toilet so he placed the idol of the goddess under a tree of Beri from his lap and went on, after toilet, he also felt thirsty but he could not find any water near by. Bhima blowed the earth with his gada to take out water and took bath. After that when he tried to lift the goddess than he remained her condition, under compulsion, Bhima placed the goddess near the bank of the pond and went to kurukshetra after seeking the blessing for victory.

    After 18 days of war when Kaurva’s got killed Gandhari reached the place screaming .Oftenly said that here only Shri Krishna took out from the illusion. When Gandhari passed from there she saw her own kuldevi. After that she erected the temple here. Although the ruins of the temple erected by Gandhari are not present now, but of the seat of the great goddess is still there. Presently, marvelous temple is here.

    In Beri, there are two temples. The process of moving the goddess from outer to inner temple has been going on since the Mahabharta period. At that time there was a dense forest. Maharishi Durvasa was residing in Dubaldhan around 8 kms from here in fear of thieves. Every morning at 5 a.m. Mahrishi Dhurava would bring the idol of goddess in the outer temple in his lap and at 12:00 noon again he would return it in the inner temple. The process of moving of goddess from inner to outer temple is still going on. The aarti sung by durvasa is still enchanted everyday and every evening. The ‘ Akhand Jyoti’ for 24 hrs is enlightening.


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