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  • Triloki Dhaam Mandir, Eindhoven


    Durga mata ji Aarti

    Jai Ambe Gauri maiya, jaa Shyama Gauri
    Nishdin Tumko dhyavat, Hari Brahma Shivji,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Mang sindur birajat, tiko mrigmadko,
    ujjvalse dou naina, chandravadan niko,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Kanak saman kalevar, raktambar raje,
    Raktapushp galmala, kanthhar Saje,
    Jai Ambe ….

    Kehari Vahan Rajat, khadg khappar dhari
    sur nar munijan sevat, Tinke dukhahari,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Kanan Kundal shobhit, nasagre moti
    Kotik chandra Divakar, samrajat jyoti
    Jai Ambe ….
    Shumbh- nishumbh vidare, Mahisha Sur ghatia
    Dhumra-vilochan naina, nishdin madmati
    Jai Ambe ….
    Brahmani, Rudrânî tum Kamala Rani,
    Agam Nigam-bakhani. turn Shiv patrani,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Chaunsath yogini gavat, Nritya karat Bhairon,
    Bajat tab mridangas, aur Bajat damru,
    Jai Ambe …
    Tum ho mata ki jag, tum hi ho bharta,
    Bhaktan ki dukh harta, sukh karta sampati,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Bhuja char ati shobhit var mudra dhari,
    Manvanchhit phal pavat, sevat nar nari,
    Jai Ambe ….
    Kanchan thal virajat, agaru kapur bati
    Malketu Rajat, kotiratan one jyoti
    Jai Ambe ….


    Lakshmi mata ji Aarti

    Jai Lakshmi mata, maya jai Lakshmi mata,
    Tumko nishdin sevat, Hara Vishnu Vidhâtâ, Jai Lakshmi …
    Brahmani, Rudrânî Kamala, Tuhi hai jagmata,
    Surya chan drama dhyavat, Narad rishi gata, Jai Lakshmi …
    Durga rup nirantar, sukh sampati data,
    Jo koi Tumko dhyavat, Riddhi Siddhi dhan pata, Jai Lakshmi …
    Tuhi hai patal Basanti, Tuhi Shubh data,
    Karma prabhav prakashak, jagnidhi se trata, Jai Lakshmi …
    Jisghar one tum rahati, sab sadgun ata,
    Karna sake koi Karle, man nahin ghabrata, Jai Lakshmi ….
    Tum bin yagya after hove, Vastra after koi pata,
    Khan pan vaibhava ka, sab tumse ata, Jai Lakshmi …
    Shubh gun mandir sundar, Kshirodadhi jata,
    Ratan charurdash tumhin, koi nahTh pata, Jai Lakshmi …
    Arti Lakshmi ji ki, jo koi nar gata,
    Ur anand ati umeg, pap Utar jata, Jai Lakshmi …


    Activity reports of the past period
    Nauratri 2010

    Date: Friday, October 8 t / m Sunday, October 17th

    The nine nights of Ma Durga are very attractively expired. We have the evening bhajans and kirtans sung many meetings. The nice thing is that more and more make bhaktas music. One sings a song the other plays harmonium and another plays dhool. Everyone got a chance to express themselves musically in one way or another. This was the bhaktas greatly appriciated. When doing puja bhaktas have taken the initiative themselves, they have taken advantage of the opportunity that gives them the Mandir. Everyone has his or her role in fulfilling these nights. From making malas for murties to vacuuming the floor. Everyone has contributed. And this gives a sense of unity and hope for the future. Bhakta’s so by !!

    Kind regards,
    Shravana Somvaar Shiva Puja 2010

    Date: Monday, July 26 and 2, 9, 16, August 23, 2010

    Because it is so well last year, we have this year in a series of five Mondays Shivji again honored by all the attention. The devotees to further involve activities such as doing abhishaik (pouring milk and yogurt on the Shivlinga) and the joint recidteren mantras, the experience this year was even more intense than the previous year. Devotees from all corners of Netherlands contributed again this year to a unique experience. On behalf Triloki Dhaam Mandir thanks !!
    Do you also want one of the special sessions Dhaam Mandir Triloki attend, hold the link “Calendar” and “invitation” into the holes.
    Maybe see you at the next meeting.
    Shivratri 12 febraury 2010

    The program this year is accompanied by Pt. S. Upadhyay and Pt. J. Sewnandan

    It has become a very special evening of 18:00 o’clock in the evening lasted. To 06.00 in the morning, Many actions in this evening performed as puja, Maha Roedra Abhishek, Shri Shiv Puja Manis (meditation), Shri Shiv Sahatra name (mantra jaap), Shri Roedrasthak paath, Shri Bhavani Ashtak paath, Bhajan and Kirtan and more. It has become especially an evening that was well filled from beginning to end and which the strength of Shivji could really be felt. Further, it was by bhaktas plenty sacrificed persaad / sweets and there were many bhajans sung. All in all it was a successful evening.
    Shravana Somvaar Shiva Puja
    Date: Monday 13, 20 and July 27 and August 3, 2009

    A set of four Mondays where Shivji completely central. Has been placed abhishaik done and were belpatra’s offered on the Shivlinga. Devotees names themselves with milk and belpatra were brought from India by the pandit. It was a very intense experience where devotees actively participated. Do not miss the next not! Year
    Theme days’ Sanatan Dharma and world peace ”
    Dates: 29-30 August 2009

    In these theme days discussed interesting topics related to ao Ayurveda and world peace. Vaidya was by Etienne Premdan talked about Ayurveda and the acidification of body and mind. ” Dr.Koenraad Elst gave a lecture on Sanatan Dharma and its relation to the world peace. The in-depth interviews were finished with beautiful performances of Indian classical dance.
    NAURATRI (the nine sacred nights)
    Date: 19 t / m September 27, 2009

    These nine nights under the guidance of Pt and Pt Sewandan Jai Shankar Upadhyay extensively devoted to Ma Durga worship. This was completed on a traditional Indian way. Every night Nava Chandi Paath (Durga Paath) was also made, intended for protection, prosperity and peace. There was also an ancient ritual performed in which the bhaktas (devotees) coconuts from home had taken to sacrifice to Ma Durga. After this the Pundit this coconut with a mantra had consecrated beaten broken for Ma Durga. This was experienced as pleasant and special.


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