Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Tempel, Berlin

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  • Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Tempel, Berlin

    Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami – our beloved spiritual master – made our summer blessed and beautiful: from July, 13th until July, 23rd 2014 he visited the Gauranga-Gandharvika-Govinda-Sundaram Mandir  of Berlin, Germany. Every morning and every evening he gave enthusing lectures with which he appealed to our consciousness. A lot of new plans for the ongoing construction of the temple, the coordination of the various services, new ideas for realizing old and new projects, and the appointment of responsible Devotees – it has been days of inspiration, heart to heart exchanges in the sense of Sadhu Sanga.

    From July, 24th until July, 27th 2014, our Gurudeva travelled throughout Europe to meet his disciples. Poland, Czech Republic, Munich, and Austria have been his stops. Lectures, Bhajans, Kirtans, Sadhu Sanga, as well as Prasadam and personal talks with Gurudeva filled the enriching program.

    And then, we all went to Hungary, for the 20th Vaishnava Mela in Nandafalva! It was a beautiful festival of exchanging experiences, singing Bhajans, Kirtans and listening to Harikatha. Wow – what a wonderful time we had from July 28th until August, 3rd 2014. Devotees from Hungary, Germany, Poland, South America, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, Serbia, Austria and Switzerland came to associate. Most delicious Prasadam, most lovely cultural contributions, daily swimming in the lake, inspiring seminars about Grihasta Life, Faith Education & Oida Therapy as well as about the World Conscious Pact, theatre plays and yoga performances, also most interesting videos and shares about Saving Mother Nature have been on the program. The great memories will help us to get through the time until Gurudeva comes back to Europe.

    Some quotes by Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami during his visit:

    – “Spiritual Life is complicated for the complicated and easy for the easy ones of us.”

    – “If I listen to the lectures, if I read the books of my spiritual master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, I almost faint of excitement.”

    – “When the captain, means God, says something, then the sailor shouldn´t change the instruction.”

    – “Where there is a will there is a way. The path of Bhakti-Yoga is a way as well.  It means to give everything in the hands of God. You should have the humble attitude and daily prayer ‘Oh my Lord, without your help, without the pure souls, without the Devotees  I cannot handle it myself. Please help me.'”

    – “Without love and passion nothing will remain of what you do.”

    – “Rain is like the milk of Mother Nature.”

    – “We have to keep the basics. They are like the tires of an airplane. If they are not there nothing can carry the landing.”

    – “Spiritual life is like a big celebration. When you celebrate everything gets easier.”

    – “Real independence means Giving Giving Giving. Intense giving it taught by the Srimad Bhagavatam.”

    – “You have to understand the things through the eyes of love.”

    – “Learn from hearing otherwise you have to learn from suffering.”

    – “Be thankful for what you have and look how you can use it for the Service to the Lord. Don´t long for something you don´t have.”

    – “Everything which is done ritualistically is boring. Everything which comes from the heart is real.”

    Gurudeva, ki jay!!!

    Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Temple (1) Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Temple (2) Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Temple (3) Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Temple (4) Sri Gauranga Und Giriraja Govardhana Temple (5)

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