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  • Jaganath Temple, Berlin

    Krishna – the highest form of God

    In the Gaudiya Vaishnavas important for work “Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu” Rupa Goswami writes that Krishna is the original and highest form of God, because it has the most features. Since God is an infinite being, has the form of God, which brings together the most variety, be the original form of God.

    Sometimes the question arises whether to want to squeeze God into a “form” does not limit him? In a material sense agrees that – a material defined shape in space and time has its limits – starts somewhere and ends a material form. A material form is a limitation by definition. Krishna’s form is, however, spiritually and follows other laws. A spiritual form is not limited by space and time – it follows a different physics. Krishna’s body is not a limitation. Just as one does not restrict sound when forms it into words, but on the contrary increase the importance of sound, Krishna is not limited by its shape.
    Why it makes sense that Krishna is a person? Are spiritual experiences without a concept of a personal God just imagination?

    We can see that a person is a higher being, as a power everywhere – especially because people can react differentiated.Furthermore, highly developed creatures are usually also personal – in the sense that it is better to enter into relationship with them. Why should it be in God have a personal page? This does not mean that spiritual experiences of people who believe in a personal God must only be imagination, because Krishna also has an impersonal aspect – often referred to as his “charisma”. As the sun both as a planet, as well as radiation is experienced, Krishna is experienced both as a person and as an impersonal energy. To respond relationship is wonderful. Why would you want to give that up in eternity? And why should God not be a part of it?

    Rupa Goswami also lists Krishna’s properties (the detailed descriptions of the properties are not given here again, but can be read). Krishna is a fascinating idea of ​​God, and how readers find certain fast, very different from the judgmental old man with long white beard.

    Radha – Krishna’s second half

    To describe Krishna without mentioning Radharani would be to consider only one side of the coin.
    Radharani is Krishna’s second half and his eternal companion.

    Radharani has unlimited transcendental qualities. Rupa Goswami describes it as follows:

    1) She is very lovely.
    2) It is eternal youthful.
    3) Her eyes are restless.
    4) Your smile is radiant.
    5) She has auspicious lines on her body.
    6) The scent of her body makes Krishna happy.
    7) She can sing very well.
    8) She speaks on a glamorous style.
    9) is sent in jokes.
    10) She is humble and modest.
    11) It is full of mercy.
    12) She is clever.
    13) fulfilled their obligations confidence.
    14) She is shy.
    15) It is respectfully.
    16) She is calm.
    17) is profound.
    18) It is therein to enjoy cleverly life.
    19) is at the highest level of ecstatic love.
    20) It is the reservoir of all love in Vrindavana.
    21) She is the most famous of all devout worshipers of Krishna.
    22) She is very affectionate to elderly people.
    23) It fits the love of her friends.
    24) She is the leader of the gopis.
    25 ) It dominates Krishna always.


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