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  • Gobind Sadan Central Square

    Rooted in the Sikh tradition and the universal teachings of its Gurus, Gobind Sadan Central Square New York, is an international interfaith community currently with centers in India, and in the U.S., which has grown out of Baba Virsa Singh ji’s vision for world peace.
    This site offers sacred material from all traditions for contemplation. It is our hope that people of all faiths—or no faith—will find spiritual refreshment, relief from stress, inner empowerment, strengthening in faith, and healing here.

    Gobind Sadan is a place of pilgrimage for all people. It’s a farm-based spiritual community with locations in India and the United States, combining hard work and meditation under the blessings and guidance of Baba Virsa Singh Ji.

    Babaji teaches the universal messages of all prophets and transforms people through love, faith, meditation and service. He does not seek any charity or followers. Gobind Sadan is staffed by volunteers. The farm income is used to uplift the materially and spiritually poor.

    Gobind Sadan Central Square New York1  Gobind Sadan Central Square New York2

    Gobind Sadan Central Square New York4  Gobind Sadan Central Square New York3

    The farms are miracles of land reclamation in previously barren wastelands. They demonstrate the reality of God and the power of faith. Miraculous healings are also everyday occurrences at Gobind Sadan where devotions proceed around the clock.

    Baba Virsa Singh ji’s communities in India and the USA are also in formal schools for training the mind towards love of and faith in God. People from all over the world come to these spiritual places as volunteers and as worshippers of the One God.

    Gobind Sadan’s Mission

    “The basic goal of all religions is to take those things that are not in productive use—be they land, trees, or the human mind—and help them develop. As part of God’s commitment to the Prophets, God has always commanded them, ‘Go and prosper, and make these minds and lands productive.’ Adam planted wheat; Noah planted grapes; Guru Nanak cultivated the soil with his own hands. God commanded them to make the land productive. This commandment from God continues today. Food is needed for people’s bodies, just as Nam is needed as food for the mind.Religion does not lie in erecting big edifices as houses for God. God does not have time to sit there being worshipped. Rather, God is here in the world, constantly working with the poor and needy, for the uplift of humanity.

    When we erect an elaborate religious building, it simply increases the burden on people and diverts resources from the alleviation of poverty. Instead, if we take barren land and develop it, sow crops there, we can use that income to decrease poverty and help the poor to rise. Our program is to take all of nature that is lying waste, not being used properly, and help reclaim it, for the benefit of all people, regardless of their nationality, creed, or race. Those who love God should always be thinking about what problems exist in their particular areas, and spend their time working to alleviate those problems.

    As one meditates, one becomes aware of everyone’s needs and is always concerned for their well-being. One cares for the poor who work all day but still cannot meet their basic needs. Guru Amar Das has said, ‘Worry about others.’ One continually prays, “Please God, give them food, give them clothing, please make their life easier. And in addition to their physical sustenance, please give them spiritual sustenance too.'”



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