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    Jains perform worship before the Jina idols, bowing to the idols, and lighting a lamp in front of the idols. This is an ideal way to start the day for many Jains. More elaborate forms of worship (puja), as described, is a regular daily ritual usually done in the temple. The worshipper enters the temple with the words ‘Namo Jinanam’ ‘I bow to the Jina’, and repeats three times, ‘Nisihii’ (to relinquish thoughts about worldly affairs). The simpler surroundings of the household shrine can also provide a suitable setting. The members of some sects of Jainism don’t believe in worship of the Jina image. They believe in meditation and silent prayers.
    Worship, or puja, can take many forms. The ritual bathing of the image (Snatra Puja) is symbolic to the bathing of the newborn Tirthankara by the gods (celestial beings). A simple symbolic act is to touch one’s forehead with the liquid used to bath the idol. Bathing the idol also takes place during the Panch Kalyanak Puja, a ritual to very graceful.

    Pooja/Vidhikant desc Jainism (pronounced jayn-izm), traditionally known as Jain Dharma, is a dharmic religion with its origins in the prehistory of India, still practiced today by several million people. Jainism has as its religious ideal the perfection of man’s nature. The universe is seen as being eternal—having no beginning and no end—precluding God from being a creator. Perfection of the individual is achieved through the practice of an ascetic life, without any divine assistance. Jain monastics and lay people follow the same fivefold path of nonviolence (ahinsa, or ahimsa); truth (satya); non-stealing (asteya); chastity (brahmacharya); and non-possession or non-possessiveness (aparigraha), but to different degrees.

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    JCNJ is committed to make sure that our current generation and future generatiions to come, get as much education as possible about Jainism. To achieve this JCNJ is running jain pathshala for kids at multiple locations in New Jersey. Adult Swadhyay sessions are also organized quite frequentely be inviting jain scolars from different parts of the globe. Caldwell Pathshala also conducts regular adult swadhyay sessions by Dr. Shri Kirtibhai Shah during each pathshala session. To instill a rich religious heritage and cultural values in children, select members of the Center organize the Sunday Religion School (Pathshalas). Initially the Center had only one Pathshala, but today there are many Pathshalas, each held in a different location in New Jersey. Parents are encouraged to send their children to one of these Pathshalas and help their children to become an active member of the Center through participation in such activities. To benefit adult members, lectures and religion workshops for parents are held at the same place and time.

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