Hindu Temples app in Indian Link New Zealand

Indian Link News New Zealand:  Online Temple Locator a Boon for Hindus. Friends the Hindu Temples App was featured in Indian Newslink.  Read the article online here  : www.indiannewslink.co.nz/index.php/communitylink/online-temple-locator-a-boon-to-hindus.html or the PDF here : Hindu Temples app in Indian Link New Zealand

Hindu Temples App Gets featured in Indian Link Magazine

The Indian Link App was featured in the Indian Link Magazine earlier this week.  I like the tagline that they made into the Hyperlink for the story. http://www.indianlink.com.au/finding-god-near-you/ This was of course not my idea, but the credit for that simple and catchy tagline goes to my better half 😉 the support and inspiration behind this project. Check Read more…

Hindu Temples App Gets Featured in Bharat Times.

The Hindu Temples App was featured in a Half Page Spread in the Bharat Times June 2014 Edition. Check out the coverage here or at your Local Indian Grocery Store  U can Help make it happen on Android like online games check out ninjacasino.com. Support us here  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/global-hindu-temples-directory-help-create-an-awesome-free-android-app-no-ads  

Why No Ads?

Why I won’t run ads on the site ? Why not run ads and make the App free ? I have been asked this question often, and here’s the reply. Firstly I hate ads, I personally use all sorts of adblockers on every browser so it’d be very Hypocritical of me to start selling ads Read more…