Hindu Temples App for iPad walk through


Hindu Temples App for iPad – Find god near you




Hindu Temples Ipad App Walkthrough from Admin HinduTemples on Vimeo.

This is a video walkthrough of all the features in the Hindu Temples iPad APP
Get the App here on iTunes and support the mapping of more temples.


Description from iTunes

Find God near You : ~ 2000 Hindu Temples in more than 50 countries.
– World’s Best Hindu Temples Directory: Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Get all information you might need for thousands of temples.
•Save all Temples details offline for use without data connection
•Address / Map Location
•One Click Driving directions
•Directly Call Temples phone numbers
•View their Opening hours
•Email Address
•Facebook Pages
•Background story / description of the temple

Save your Favourite temples offline to your device so you have all their contact details even without a data connection. No more searching and fumbling around while driving.

The app currently has ~ 2000 Hindu Temples across the 5 Continents from over 50 Countries outside India. No matter where you are from Alaska to Australia to Africa if there is a Hindu temple near you, chances are that we have it on record. You can call / email / get directions to the Temples right from within the app.

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