Hindu Temples Android App Public Fundraiser

We just started a Public Fundraiser for the Hindu Temples Android App here.

Many reasons for this, main one being we want to make the Android APP FREE, 100% free, no catches, no gimmicks 100% free.  I created this directory to help disperse information on temples not to put a paywall in between and monetise the information.  So You can help me help millions of Hindus worldwide.

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Hindu Temples Android App

Global Hindu Temples Directory : Help Create an Awesome Free Android App, No Ads

Help me create a Free Hindu Temples Directory for Android. I created the directory AllHinduTemples.com HELP me FREE the Android APP

Help bring the Hindu Temples iOS App to Android

Help me create an awesome Hindu Temples Directory App on Android and GIVE IT AWAY for FREE.  I created the above iOS app but had to put it behind a Paywall to cover some costs, help me make the ANDROID app and give it away for free:

Now I want to create the Hindu Temples Android APP and I think



Free  | Libre | Gratis | Muft | Ni Shulk  | Mukt | Illavacu |
Help me make the Android app FREE,
No catches, no ads, no strings, no BS.   This will help millions of Hindus all over the world find and get information on Temples near them.There are many apps to find Churches, Mosques and other places of worshipThe Hindu Temples Android app will help Hindus the world over find and get contact details, opening hours, Phone numbers , websites, address and other information about temples all in one easy to use app.Your contribution would help Hindus all over get to their nearest temples quicker and in turn support the temples as they will find a bigger audience, check my reference.

I need ~2000 $ to create an awesome Android app + expand our world wide coverage to more countries.

We currently have ~ 2000 Temples in 50 countries in the directory.  This is nowhere close to the real number of Hindu temples, We want to expand this to include more countries and more details for the larger temples.

IndieGOGO Goal : 2000 $

Android App Creation Cost : ~ 1500$, 

Any extra funds raised go to improving the coverage and mapping temples in India.

  • I also have funding campaigns going on privately with friends / groups, etc.
  • I have already spent over ~ 6000 $ of my own money coming so far.
  • If I don’t meet the 2000$ goal the funds will be used to map more temples.



What The Hindu Temples Android APP will do ?

Give everyone a list of 100 Temples near them based on location.  Allow them to save their favorite temples offline.

For every temple it will give the following details.

  • Address / Map Location
  • One Click Driving directions
  • Directly Call Temples phone numbers
  • View their Opening hours
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Photos
  • Facebook Pages
  • Background story / description of the temple

We have done this before in our iOS app and on our website. The number 1 feedback I got when I released the iOS app was “What about Android ?”

Here’s YOUR chance to Help build the an awesome Android APP and help Hindus the world over.


What other people have said about us ?

World’s best Hindu Temples Directory – Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Don’t waste time ….  All Hindu Temples is the best Global Hindu Temples directory – Hindu Council of Australia

See other reviews for the iOS App here 



Risks & Challenges

I have done this all by myself on iOS app and on our website, I will do it again.  There can be delays but I’ll build this, There is no Turning Back.

I also have a strong team of volunteers who have gotten in touch with me offering support so rest assured that we will build this.



Other Ways You Can Help

No Money, No problem, stay in touch with us here Hindu Temples Android 

  • Follow us on Facebook orTwitter.
  • Please share this campaign to friends / family who might like to support !


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