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Hindu Organisations List

This is a constantly updated list of Hindu Organisations operating in various , If you can provide any more details or add to this list please leave a comment or send us an email at admin at allhindutemples dot com.


Hindu Council of Australia  :
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh :
Vishwa Hindu Parishad

New Zealand




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  1. Nishant, 19, June 2014 2:22 pm - Hindu Organisations List

    Hari, You are doing excellent job for community and sincerely appreciate your efforts. I know how difficult it is to spare extra time from day to day busy life.

    Hats off to your enthusiasm and consistency.


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    • Hari Iyer, 19, June 2014 10:39 pm - Hindu Organisations List

      Hey Nishant,

      Thanks for the kind words, Just trying to do what I can to help out.

      It is indeed difficult to take time, but having an understanding family helps 😉 A man’s got to have some hobbies, this is mine.
      PS: When you get a chance, Just make sure we have all the temples covered around your area. You can always add more if any are missing.

      Thank you,

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