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Hindu Mandir Of Central New York Syracuse

Hindu Mandir Of Central New York Syracuse

Hindu Mandir of Central New York  Syracuse is incorporated in under section 193 of the Religious corporation Law and Section 402 of the non-for-profit corporation Law of the State of New York. The goal of Hindu Mandir Of Central New York Syracuse is while being devoted to One God, the supreme Reality universally recognized as our Lord Shri Narayana and his Shakti Maha Lakshmi the Godesss of prosperity and wisdom, strive to meet the religious need  of all those who seek God through his various manifestations or shakti (spiritual force).

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Vision of Hindu Mandir Of Central New York Syracuse

To build and maintain a temple complex as a common place of religious worship for Hindus.

To celebrate Hindu Religious festivals

To promote the instruction of Indian Languages, Hindu religion, Classical and devotional music, meditation and hold discourses keeping in mind the special need of  children and young adults.

To engage in religious charitabale and educational activities consistent with the above purpose and to respond to humanitarian needs.

To solicit donations for the fulfillment of such purpose.

To do any act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purpose or advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of this members, director ,donors, or officers.

Pooja Reservation procedure

For Pooja bookings, devotees may consult with the Priest
for the auspicious date and time for Pooja; however,
the final booking should be done by completing the Pooja
booking form and delivering it to the Mandir management.

  1. “Click” Here to download the Pooja Booking Form
  2. Print it, fill it out and deliver it to Mandir management
  3. Pooja booking forms may be deposited in the donation box at the reception desk, or mailed to the following address:
Hindu Mandir of Central NY Inc.
PO Box 201
Clay, NY  ,7211 State Fair Boulevard Syracuse
New York America 13209

Pooja Services Reservation Notes

  • We request that you inform us 24 hours in advanced of any changes or cancellations
    Additional charges
    Travel beyond 50 miles: $51
    Overnight stay: $101
    Charge for each additional service: $51
    Priest Dakshina not included in Pooja Services charges
    Priest time beyond or above required time for pooja: $30/hr
  • The Yajaman is responsible for all pooja materials, flowers, prasad and transportation. If public or commercial transport including taxi is required, the Yajaman pays actual expenses incurred
  • Archanas may be performed anytime during Mandir Hours.

*When poornima falls on Sundays only at 4:00 pm. All other days 6:20 pm

Pooja Schedule

Daily- 7:30 pm Arati

Monday- 6:30 pm Rudra Abhishek Pooja, Tuesday 6:30 pm Sankatahara 7:30 -Hanuman Chalesa, Wednessday 7:00pm -Sarasawati Abhishek Pooja, Thuesday 6:45 pm-Shri Lalitha Sahasranama, Friday- 6:45 pm Shri Maha Lakshmi Sahasranama, Saturday-6:45 pm Shri Vishnu Sahasranama, Sunday 11:00 am Arati 11:45 am Havan.

The Principles of Hindu Mandir Of Central New York Syracuse include

  1. No idols Pictures,Status,or symbols of living or deceased persons shall be placed in the mandir or place of worship established or maintained by the corporation.
  2. The use of storage of alcohol or tobacco products,meats or any addictive material in any form,shape or manner is strictly prohibited at any mandir or place of worship established or maintained  by the corporation
  3. Live Sacrifice is strictly pro-habitat on any premises of place of worship established or maintained by the corporation including but not limited to any mandir of corporation
  4. The main deity in the mandir established or maintained by the corporation will be Shri Lakshmi Narayana



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