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Kaival Gyan Mandir Illinois

Kaival Gyan Mandir Illinois

Kaival Youth is a National Youth Organization created by Kaival Gyan Sampradaya Youth Devotees in the U.S.A. to bridge generational gaps within our Dharma.We want our young adults and youth to be able to relate to our Dharma and learn from it the way our parents and grandparents do. However, it is proving to be more and more difficult because of language barriers and generational gaps between Indian born parents and American born children.
We want everyone to understand how religion can be positively incorporated into your lives without affecting your life style drastically or changing your modern beliefs.

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The Kaival Dharma is one that was founded by Paramguru Shreemat Karunasagar Maharajshree in Vikram Sanvat 1829 and it has a very simple message. God is only one – one made of divine energy that cannot be seen but can be felt. One that is devoid of a name, gender, body, or race. Paramguru has supported all his teachings through 15 granths (holy texts) which use SCIENCE to explain everything.

Our website continues to update and explain several of these teaching in English to help people born and raised in today’s world understand.

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