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Sewa Dhaam Mandir, Den Haag Den Haag

Sewa Dhaam Mandir, Den Haag Den Haag

Hindu Sewa Dhaam

Hindu Sewa Dhaam Centre aims to proclaim and preach transferring Hindu Dharma (Hindu culture and religion), to represent and promote the welfare and the social, cultural and religious interests of the Hindu community. The center is a tool for many Hindus who through sacrifice and meditation get a lot of peace in their lives. It is a light in the darkness. It is not just a place to pray, meditate or sacrifice, but also to meet. Other Hindus in Netherlands Sewa means worries and Dhaam means place. So Sewa Dhaam is a place where one can take care of Bhagvan (God) which will provide Bhagvan. Again to the Hindus It is not only a Hindu temple, but also a cultural, religious and social center for the many activities that are held weekly or monthly. Therefore, the Hindu Sewa Centre Dhaam called.

Establishment of Sewa Dhaam
Hindu Sewa Dhaam Center was founded by Foundation Sarwa Bhum Sanatan Dharm (USF) and Widwat Parishad Netherlands (WPN) initiated by Pandit Shri Surindre Tewarie in 1995 The center aims to bring people together to Hinduism and to experience. Hindu culture The organization of the temple participates in a multicultural group. This ensures that we can work with associations of another faith and the temple is open to all, regardless of race or color together.

Shri Brahmrishi Surindre Tewarie comes from a highly respected Karmkaand Brahmin family. Traditionally, he developed within the teachings of Sanatan Dharm to a very renowned Pandit in Europe. For his dedication Panditji was in Delhi honored in 1994 with the title “Brahma Rishi”. On many sacred gatherings in India, among other Kumbh Mela, conferences and symposia Panditji provides quite some time contribution. Panditji is one of the outstanding disciples of Swami Maharaj Dindayal from Hardwar, India. Besides Karamkaand Upaaskaand and is giving lectures in the holy scriptures and spreading oriental astrology (mantra, tantra and jantra), the most dedicated message of Panditji. Panditji in the Netherlands is also President of Rashtriya Pandit Shri Sanatan Dharm Maha Sabha. You can also contact him directly record:

Visit to Sewa Dhaam
Everyone is welcome in Hindu Sewa Dhaam Center to learn more about the Hindu Dharm and the confession of Hinduism in the Netherlands. In Sewa Dhaam is expected of you that you are also in others the opportunity to learn and makes an active contribution to the business. It’s a habit out of respect to your jacket and shoes to draw in the hall and take. Place on the floor or on a bench You will have the opportunity to sacrifice Phool, paan and Persad with guidance from the pandit. You can enjoy the religious songs in the name of Bhagvan and you can listen to the lecture by the Vyaas in Hindi. Afterwards, a short summary in Dutch request held.

Board Dhaam Mandir Sewa

Name                                                    Function

  1. Rakesh Nandpersad President
  2. Sahai Vice President
  3. Shalendra Rajaram Secretary
  4. Narain Sewdajal 2e Secretary
  5. Aroen Jaggan Treasurer
  6. Aruna Sahatoe 2e Treasurer
  7. Dharma Mandir Sahatoe coordinator
  8. Miena 2e   Mandir coordinator
  9. Roy Debidien Mandir SUPERVISORY

Priest Council: MSD

1.Pt.Amresh Sardjoe Mishre

2.Pt.Vikash Tewarie

3.Pt.Deepak Bainath

4.Pt.Shalindra Sardjoe Mishre

5.Pt.Surindre Tewarie

6.Pt.Sarbha debi Tewarie

7.Pt.Sanjai Bhagwant

8.Pt.Rajesh Tewarie

9.Pt.Parsoeram Tewarie




2.Shalendra Sardjoe Mishre

3.Jin Narain

4.Chan Paragh

5 Kewal Mahabier

Financial employee  :

  1. Fiene Goercharan
  2. Roby RamsaranSewa Dhaam Mandir, Den Haag Den Haag (1) Sewa Dhaam Mandir, Den Haag Den Haag (2) Sewa Dhaam Mandir, Den Haag Den Haag (3)

Time : every Sunday

Place Categories: Hindu TemplesPlace Tags: Lord Rama

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